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Final report MediaMosa Cutter online

The final report for the project MediaMosa Cutter can be downloaded here. The document also contains a manual for the installation and configuration of the modules needed for this tool.

We plan to do some more testing on a MediaMosa server provided by SURFnet later this week.


Further development to using MediaMosa movies in Chamilo 2.0

In addition to the development of the MediaMosa connector in the Chamilo 2.0 learning platform ROC Westerschelde in Terneuzen and VUB in Brussels have made arrangements to further development of user functionality of the Chamilo 2.0 platform.


MediaMosa connector for Chamilo 2.0 platform - Our project results

In a cooperation with various parties ROC Westerschelde in Terneuzen  have realised the targets set for this project financially supported by Kennisnet and Surfnet. We  developed a connector for the opensource e-learning and collaboration platform Chamilo 2.0. This development improves the possibilities for students and teachers to use video in learning activities .


Source code for Virtual Cutter available on GitHub

The source code for the Virtual Cutter project is available on GitHub:

Virtual Cutter
Contains the modules virtualcutter, weblectures_mm and weblectures_ui.


Mediamosa BasicLTI tool available on Github

The MediaMosa BasciLTI tool provider source code is published on


To do list

People of Inuits and OneShoe have recently worked hard to describe the things that have to be done for a WCAG compliant MediaMosa. The following documents give an extensive overview of what has to be done. Naar een WCAG compliant MediaMosa. (in Dutch) Towards a WCAG compliant MediaMosa (in English)


Testing finished

In the past period we did some enduser testing. Some teachers tried the tool we developed which produced relevant feedback.


Workflow realised

 Uploading and reviewing 1700 video's is a hudge proces. To make this work more easy, a new digital workflow is added to the LvoorL-portal. Reviewers get a automated mail, when a video is ready to review.


New functionality in LvoorL portal

 This week there will be a new option in the LvoorL-portal. Students can not only upload video's but also add a YouTube (or Vimeo) URL. Embedding is not jet possible.