MediaMosa release 3.1.0 available


We are happy to announce that version 3.1.0 is no longer a release candidate. In contrast to version 3.0.x versions, we really tried to make the install process and basic setup more failsafe. We improved the player object code definitions, as well as the example transcoding profiles. We also tried to make the setup to run versus an unpatched ffmpeg as far as possible (only multiple stills and scene detection do not work against the unpatched ffmpeg's).

Other highlights:

  • all unittests are green (as is proven by a jenkins setup which runs all unittests regularly).
  • A major improvement in MediaMosa is a better handling of permanent (and non permanent) stills.

Read the upgrade instructions if you are planning to upgrade.

The Changelog can be found in Trac ticket #547:

The code can be pulled from Github: