15:35 Ticket #413 (oEmbed provider functionalitity) reopened by Michiel.Schok
How can we test or use this? the call /services/oembed doesn't give …


20:32 Ticket #524 ([Core] Support for mongoDB) created by Frans
mongoDB: It is an open source, high-performance, scalable, schema-free & …


12:32 Ticket #523 (FTP upload does not work) created by Michiel.Schok
Don't know if this is a MediaMosa issue or a configuration issue on the …


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09:12 Ticket #521 (<is_protected> is not filled correctly) closed by forgacs
fixed: It is fixed in the latest version of MediaMosa.


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Added note about debug information only on debug level. (diff)


10:30 Ticket #371 (object code enhancement) reopened by Michiel.Schok
I've been playing with this feature for the last couple of minutes. It …


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11:46 Ticket #522 (Make streaming server attached to one or more client application.) created by robert
See original request at  https://github.com/mediamosa/mediamosa/issues/6


16:01 Ticket #521 (<is_protected> is not filled correctly) created by Michiel.Schok
In the SURFmedia workflow, the user can define an ACL during upload. This …[…]
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12:51 Ticket #520 (integrity check: add check all button) created by MC-arjen
It would be real handy to have a check-all checkbox at the integrity check …
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