13:30 Ticket #553 (Support for WebVTT) created by Frans
Support for WebVTT.  http://blog.gingertech.net/2011/03/29/


13:27 Ticket #552 (/asset response is missing fields) closed by Frans
fixed: This was indeed the case. See also http://mediamosa.org/trac/ticket/549
13:23 Ticket #549 ([post] /asset/{id}/metadata is broken) closed by Frans


14:48 Ticket #552 (/asset response is missing fields) created by Michiel.Schok
When searching assets, SURFmedia uses the /asset call and its response to …
11:24 Ticket #551 (documentation for oembed rest call) created by anonymous
Update documentation at  http://www.mediamosa.org/content/oembed-get. The …
10:53 Ticket #550 (Missing documentation for still rest call) created by anonymous
Missing documentation for rest call /still// [GET]. See …


14:27 Ticket #549 ([post] /asset/{id}/metadata is broken) created by Michiel.Schok
When issuing a post request to /asset/{id}/metadata to change title and …
12:14 Quick introduction edited by Frans
12:13 MediaMosa introduction edited by Frans
12:12 REST web services edited by Frans
12:04 Ticket #548 (Fix typo in requests to /autorisation_group/* REST calls) created by anonymous
The various /autorisation_group/* REST calls are misspelled and should be …


23:18 Ticket #547 (Release notes / Changelog for MediaMosa 3.1 / 3.5) created by Frans
MediaMosa 3.1.0-rc (build 1805) - Fixed several unittests. - …


11:24 Ticket #546 (Solr-plugin to support (password protected) SSL/TLS) created by anonymous
See forum post …


16:05 Ticket #545 (Transcripting PoC results) created by Frans
This 3.5 release must include the results of the Transcripting PoC.


10:13 Ticket #544 (CQl mediafile_duration) created by forgacs
http://mediamosa.org/node/264197 " Posted by rperga I was wondering if …
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